Kung Flu Chicken

Underglaze and overglaze on stoneware
1230 C

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a severe impact on the United States in many ways, particularly causing resentment toward China and Asians in general. Regardless of whether one is Chinese or not, if they look Asian, they may be a victim of discrimination because of this resentment. Trump’s famously coined “kung flu” as a racist term for the coronavirus only fueled this hate crimes against Asians. Furthermore the extent of some Americans' knowledge or exposure of Asian culture is simply American Chinese takeout. Many Americans have limited knowledge of Asian and Chinese culture in general, and during the pandemic, this limited knowledge created hatred, resentment, and fear. So to showcase this sentiment during the pandemic, I made a Kung Pao Chicken takeout box with "Kung Flu Chicken" overflowing from it.

根據研究,在美國一個人死於槍支暴力的可能性是其他發達國家的二十倍。 美國每居民擁有槍支的比例為 120.5 比 100。美國每天有近 53 人死於槍支。 我想展示槍支在美國有多普遍,以及對槍支暴力、槍支和槍擊事件與日常早餐一樣普遍,像是鬆餅,培根,蛋。 這裏有一疊 20 個煎餅,不僅代表了美國人吃的大部分,還代表了美國與其他國家相比一個人死於槍支暴力的可能性統計數據。