Functional Yokai (2023)

Functional Yokai 使用的妖怪


Yokai are supernatural entities or monsters in Japanese folklore. I grew up on picture books about these creatures and wanted to showcase that part of my culture in my artwork. Here I wanted to create functional pieces that brought this part of Japanese culture to life. There is a Japanese legend that says that objects we keep for a hundred years will get a soul and become a monster called "Tsukumogami."
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我是從小聽媽媽講的童話才知道妖怪的,所以一直覺得妖怪很有趣。 我想創作實用的作品,將日本文化的這一部分帶入生活。 有一個傳說,我們保存一百年的物品會得到一個靈魂,成為名為「 付喪神」的妖怪。