Hello~ My name is Mika/美華/みか (pronounced "Meeka").
Welcome to my lil corner of the internet! Mainly a portfolio focused on my ceramic work. I have been learning pottery on-and-off on my own since the peak of the pandemic, and still have a long way to go, but I love nothing more than making functional art you can use in your everyday life. Turning a pile of mud into a cup you can drink from, while challenging, really makes you feel like you're performing some kind of wizardry, except that wizardry has been practiced by our ancestors for thousands of years--isn't that crazy?!

Been a crazy cat person since birth-- Love of my lives are my kitties, Nori and Dubu.
I'm old enough to have used dial-up.

I like to play video games, especially indie story-driven games. Some of my favorites are Ace Attorney, Night in the Woods, Zero Escape series, Hotel Dusk.
I love a good murder mystery-- I get my fix through games, books, movies, and investigative podcasts.

Obligatory cat appearances:

The pixel sprites in the navigation are made by me and are modeled after the lovely kitties in my life :3

This site is still under construction with more content to be added soon :) Thanks for visiting!!

嗨! 我叫美華!
歡迎來到我的作品集網站! 大部分都是陶瓷作品。 從疫情高峰期以來,我一直斷斷續續地自己學陶藝,還有很長的路要走,但我最喜歡的就是創作可以在日常生活中使用的藝術品。 雖然很不簡單,把一堆泥巴變成一個杯子,真的讓感覺自己在表演某種魔術,但不過魔術已經被我們的祖先實踐了幾千年了——這樣子不是很厲害嗎?? ! 我們人類本來就不該報稅, 我們本來只是為了創造而玩泥土並,用手創造東西(現代的生活怎麽這樣??:'()。如果這個咆哮還沒有充分說明我,這裡有一個更多一點:

我有一個夢想,是當一個樂團的領隊,只是我不會演奏任何樂器。 :(
我超愛參加演唱會。 :^)
我喜歡玩電玩遊戲,尤其是故事驅動的獨立遊戲。 我最喜歡的一些是《逆轉裁判》、《林中之夜》、《零之逃脫》系列、《黃昏旅館》。
我喜歡精彩的謀殺懸疑小說 - 我透過遊戲、書籍、電影和調查播客來解決問題。


這個網站還沒完整,請等我一段時間。 謝謝!

Watch out for the crabs!!!!